Kenneth Greene

I began taking photographs when I was sixteen years old and my father gave me my first real camera, a black body Nikkormat. I was attending a boarding school at the time and there was a darkroom located in a very large old building which also housed the classrooms and offices. I photographed sports, loving the way I could capture a moment in time, one that happens, then ends, thus memorializing the moment. I loved taking pictures then working in the darkroom, watching the images appear on the paper, like magic. So it had begun and my passion began. I would make sure a window was unlocked in that old building so I could secretly climb in and use the darkroom in the middle of the night, always keeping in mind that I could have been caught. I still remember how spooky it was and how everything creaked in that big old building.
I love taking photographs and of almost anything. It is still magical for me to see the images I take and how they take form on the computer (a long way from the darkroom but still amazing). I get to take what I see, out of my head and put it out there for others to see.
I also love to draw and have a line of coloring books and original paintings, The Pictures From My Mind.